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Furniture Designer/Maker

i feel very out-of-control, like i don't know what i'm doing. if you are reading this and are willing to critique any part of it, please do! your constructive critisism is absolutely welcome.

1. My Business Model

I design and build unique, high-quality, high-end furniture to sell to the trade. I build out of locally reclaimed hardwood tree species.

My assets are my small workshop with tools, our office in our house, hardwood speices of reclaimed trees for material.

human resouces:

Me and my wife, Katie. and possibly outsourcing some milling.


The trade; Interior designers and architects, furniture gallery owners and curators. They receive unique high-end pieces unavailable anywhere else. my furniture is touchable and irresistable to the eyes and hands.

the hard part:

finding the right person to pay enough for my product so that my wife and i can make a sustainable income to support ourselves.

the unique part:

my designs are inspired by all kinds of things around me; nature, existing structures, waste materal. but although they are inspired by other things, they are truly unique and nothing exists like them. when you own a piece from josh neilsen, you own something remarkable and original.

how to repeat it:

i have several designs already and i'm constanly coming up with more. i start with sketching, then 3d drawing, then scale model and prototype. once i work out the design, i build the real thing, take photographs, put them on the website and portfolio and get them in front of as many people as i can, setting up meetings, email and social media. 


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