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Mollie Stern

Design Lover




This was a project I did in college that I am redoing. Any feedback is appreciated!


Furbish specializes in green roofs, green walls, and living systems. With a driving passion for innovation and a deep commitment to sustainability, they provide systems that utilize nature’s processes to create synergy between the built environment and its inhabitants.


To reposition the brand identity, make it more appealing and make it more in line with the product offered. Also to show that this is more than a green building company, it is a way of life.


Sustainable conscious companies, homeowners, educated males and females between the ages of 30-60.


Furbish is a unique and successful green living company that is versatile in what they can create for your needs.


Landscapers, other green roof companies


Three type of planting systems – living roofs, walls and inclines • Over 10 years experience with this industry • Experience with various different client types


Simple and more complex logo versions • No green color used – too cliché • Think of web usage


Natural • Warm • Approachable • Unique

Color options

Some logos I am working on. I think I am going to lean more towards the sans serif fonts as the serif looks too stuffy and unapproachable for what I want to convey. I think the warmth will come in with the color choices.

I played around with my colors more on the logo options and realized they were a bit too pastel for this brand. I decided to darken them up a bit to make them more impactful. I really like the rusty orange/red color.

I think I am leaning towards option 3 for color

Final Components

Close up of logo


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