Fur, feathers and scales

Fur, feathers and scales - student project

I am really loving this course although is quite challenging. I can wait to do the fox, flamingo and snake.

It has been an amazing experience doing this course. I had some really happy moments whilst I was painting.  The projects are amazing and really beautiful. Denise is an amazing teacher, the explanation and the technique are really impressive. 

I struggled in a couple of things. Not having the sketching was quite confusing sometimes,  I really struggled with the fox ears, specially.  Too many colours in the snake drove me bananas. I was mixing more, but wasn't the same, so at one poi point I was really confused.  However was a really good learning about mixing colours. And in the fox the video jumps so the eye and the nose are done.  I did the other course, but the nose drove me bananas as well.

But, I am really happy with the results and the learning.  I only have been painting for two months,  so the teacher is good. I can't wait for the more. Maybe about undersea animals or whole body animals will be great. I will enjoining patreon shortly. 

thanks a lot!

Fur, feathers and scales - image 1 - student project


Fur, feathers and scales - image 2 - student project


Fur, feathers and scales - image 3 - student project

Fur, feathers and scales - image 4 - student project