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Funny how time makes us realize we're running out of it

My 10 year vision:

I’m awake before the sun.  I put on my running shoes, and Bird and I head out for a quick run.  She’s older now and hates to go as far as we used, but she can’t stand to miss out.  We run 3 miles.  I quietly crack the front door at our ranch home and let her trot inside to her bed while I finish my run.  Our neighborhood is still asleep.  It’s my favorite place to run.  I kick my shoes off on the porch and head for the kitchen where the rest of the family is eating breakfast.  Devin pours me coffee and leaves for work.  I finish getting the kids ready for school and walk them to the bus.  Bird sleeps under my feet while I skype with my brothers about our next adventure.  I eat a fresh lunch full of fruits and veggies from my garden.  I head to a clients house where I teach a group of young women how to cook and bake.  They were rescued through Redeemed Ministries and love learning new life skills.  I spend the rest of the afternoon working on my writing and cooking.  I snag the kids at the bus stop and walk them home where we have lemonade in the backyard.  They play with Bird while I write even more.  Devin comes home from coaching his last client and we start the grill.  Before we know it, our home is full of close friends, food, good beer, baked treats, and lots of laughter.  As the evening winds down, I fall asleep reading on my porch with my dog at my feet.

My 1 year goals:

- I take one continuing education class at a time expanding my interests and talents

- My blog is back up and running.  I write 2-3 times per week

- I have abs.  That you can see.

- I run 5 days a week with my dog, Bird

- I am Store Manager of the 6th and Lamar store

- I am well versed in all of our financial accounts

My 5 year goals:

- I run 2 races per year with girlfriends- different city each time

- I teach cooking/baking lessons to Redeemed Ministries refugees

- Devin and I have been to Spain, Australia, Vietnam, and Greece

- I travel for 3 months with my brother creating his first short film that I wrote

My 10 year goals:

- We own a second home in Durango, CO

- I am a writer with a book deal

Something I learned about myself from the interview is that I am not confident in my gifts / not aware of them and therefore don't pursue anything.


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