Funny Junk (half stories, ideas, and rules of three)

So here are some things that'd made me laugh this week.  Hope you enjoy...

1) Overheard a conversation between two coworkers at a PR Firm.  For this one it's less the coworker interaction, more about the kind of person who would say the line:

Coworker1 - (on the phone) "Um, I'm not sure, but I will talk to [Coworker2] about it and get back to you as soon as possible...ok...ok goodbye.  

(hangs up)

He just called to say that he is going to talk to the press and wants to know how are we going to prepare his face."

Coworker2 - "Oh how are we...going to...what?  Like photoshop?  What does he think we do?"

2) Coworker and I attending a mixer.  We're sipping wine and chatting about nothing in particular when someone just coming in from the rain sets their glass & belongings on the table we're standing next to.  She politely jokes "Don't mind me, I'm just...eavesdropping haha."

Coworker - "Haha don't worry about it"

I chuckle then put on a dead serious face and say, "So like I was saying, if we drill holes there, there, and there we can rob this gallery blind."

And that's about it.

Update - 9.4.14

Wrote this a few weeks ago when I was in a place of sardonic jaded...shit.  It's all over the place and uh, this might not be funny AT ALL.  But enjoy my pain!

I've been up since 9 in the morning applying for jobs, giving each cover letter a specific helping of bullshit.  My letters usually go something like "I'm a highly motivated, self starter with the ability to not suck at my job. However, In the very likely case I suck, then I promise to blame it on (inexperience, parents, lack of free coffee), but what'd you expect?  I'm a 20ish year old college grad with a full 3 months of on-campus club skills, and a degree in NOT computer programming.  Or I'll blame it on your bad management, you did hire a millennial. I'm sure It says in every HR handbook in bold letters  "Do not hire these huff post reading, vampire weekend listening, Donald glover fans."

Now if all this sounds as attractive as it does to me, please subtweet me on your company twitter page with an Instapic of the sentence "what makes you creative."  I know how quirky/cool your office culture is! #career #quirkycool

For some reason no one's biting...


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