Funny Blobs, sweet woman and sauerkraut

Funny Blobs, sweet woman and sauerkraut - student project

Hii ! Thanks for this class ! I really enjoy all this exercices :)

Here my sketchs ^^ I hope you will like them.


For the blobs I was very surprised to see I am capable to make a simple drawing style :o I really like the result !


For the second exercice I wanted to use an tree. There so many differents shapes ! Do you see the movement of the girl on this tree ? :")


And for the third I asked to my followers on instagram to tell me some words and I picked the 3 finals words with my dice. 
So the 3 words are :
9 - Owl 
5 - Socks
7 - Sauerkraut

(I'm french so this list is in french :") I make you a little traduction ^^

1- Parisian park bench
2- Street light
3- the art of illumination (for beautiful books ^^)
4- Eagle Owl
5- Socks
6- Folding seat
7- Sauerkraut
8- Fire
9- Owl
10- Star )

With my 3 words (Owl  - Socks - Sauerkraut) I finally draw a little funny comics ^^

And the traduction of the bubble : 

"Charlie ! Eat your sauerkraut ! This is not a funny attitude"

To the little story, I made a word game because in french owl = chouette but "chouette" can also mean "funny" :)


I hope you liked all this drawings and french anecdote ^^
Goodbye ! :)