Funny 50's: politically incorrect and sexist!

It's incredible how real simple (and nonetheless priceless!) instructions can be so difficult to figure out without a guide! I have been working as a freelance designer for some time now, always resorting to Photoshop to do everything, even things that are easier/more time-saving to do on Illustrator, mainly because I didn't have time to 'learn' on the spot. So now that I have a bit of time, I have finally decided to properly learn how to use this program.

I've chosen this ad because I thought it represented well the changes in the past 50 years or so with regards to health and civil rights: on one side an advertisement for cigarettes would of course be banned nowadays, and also the remark 'A frank discussion at last' hinting at the conversation between the man and the woman says a lot about the perception of women!

Anyway, these are the first steps on my project: I've tried to build some shapes using all three methods explained. I've built shapes over the typography too because I'm not sure there's a font that suits it properly - however I guess it will be better explained later.

The most difficult thing I'm finding is the idealisation and scomposition of complex shapes into smaller shapes: as you can see I was working on reproducing the cigarette packet and I had a hard time defining all the subshapes that compose the cigarettes and the 3d packet.

Anyway, I'll keep at it and then move on to colours. Hope you enjoy it!


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