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Funnel Efficiency

Project: Wind In the North aka W. I. N.             

May 21st, 2014(1434); 0951

In the beginning was sound, and the sound was BOOM!!! A new universe of possibilities exploded into perspective. The manifestation of Getting Things Done entered the plane and flew it to new heights for all those who desire and yearn to navigate this see with increased authority and essential freedom. With the exchange of history between Kal-El and Jah-El, and also a new found out of the matrix mentality, this particular Neo has envisioned greatness already and is prepared and guided to go back in ready to perform miracles!!

Entry AJ-EL001; IntroPS#1

A. Clearly efficiency is lacking. Although the results leave a bit of lack luster, a strange inclination of hope, excitement, and a readiness for a new time frame to begin has been engaged and is proceeding. 

Entry AJ-EL002; P1PS#1

Task Manager= Todoist 

Reference Container= Color Notes 

Entry AJ-EL003; P1PS#2&3

A. Todoist and Color Notes were the apps of choice, for no other reason than a resonant feeling of sympatico with them. After being setup, capturing of the elusive open loops contained within this particular "uni"verse rounded off with the number one hundred and fifty. What more outstandingly enthused me is the beautiful sensation of relief felt after the purge was completed and happy that all new ones birthed finally have a home to be placed in! 

Entry AJ-EL004; P2PS#1&2

A. Email has now been wrangled, the monstrous beast looked absolutely daunting at first glance but experience would prove other wise.Of it's weight, 92% of the beast was made of a gluttonous mass of fat and comprised of 7 parts. With this handy app named myMail, this beast is now under control with providing a way of maintaining its obedience at all times. With this animal in check, Emailia was now not only a thriving world but a world now reigning in peace and tranquility! 

B. One of the rare times for the advocacy of segregation would be the inbox of my task manager, Todoist, @someday as well as the other tags streamlines the visibility of my task's and enters another notch in the scale of feelin an upliftment of a certain weight that may not have been noticed before but is definitely felt now. 


Entry AJ-EL005; P2PS#3

A. After pushing through rewriting  tasks to next physical  actions and setting pertinent due dates and feeling like it would never end, the tasks now feel as though a "bite" can be taken by simply performing the instructions.  Frustration turned control with challenge conquered! 

Entry AJ-EL006; P2PS#4,5,6

A. As with many things in life, the sympatico with color notes revealed itself to be an illusion and Note Everything has become a true partner. With a complete and rigorous hierarchy structuring of what is amazingly known to me and now shown to me as my "uni"verse I must interject a Joey from Blossom moment "Woah!" ( yeah I said it, Blossom! ). After these sections were completed, and a reflective review was accomplished, deeper parts of this wonderful unfolding phoenixing of myself is witnessed and calm and serene thanks is to given to the unnamed all and none. 


Entry AJ-EL007; Mission Termination Sequence

A. Tools used in finalization of the stabilization of this "uni"verse were Todoist, aCalendar, & Note Everything. As these tools have been deemed the killer combo for my purposes, they have organized not only a system but a perspective of myself which is invaluable for anyone wrangling with the beast efficiency. 

B. A command of termination has been received due to "all good things must come to an end."  As the last phase of completion was processed, revealed to me in a sudden moment of eureka is a system that reflects a simplicity and gives this one the keys to courage to maintain it. How completely amazing is this class that it does not transform your life but gives you the key and the ability to take command of it and navigate to which ever destination you deem to be fit for yourself. Love, Light, and Abundance to Tiago Forte for giving this opportunity to one and all. He is an excellent teacher.  

With the soothing, life invigorating hum of "Ohm", the frequency of creation resounds within my own essence and a rebirth of the Master Navigator is instituted! 

Ultimate Thanks to you Tiago Forte, your last name is definitely a reflection of your skills!


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