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Alsia Soiset

Healer, Photographer, Poet and Artist



Funky little doodle

This is my favorite shortcuts:

Use adobe capture on your phone or ipad:  take a vector image of your doodle with your camera.  Then pull in up in adobe draw app on your ipad/ipad pro.  Have fun and fill in all the colors you want.  Then upload into adove illustrator.  Do the fun things - maybe import it into photoshop as a psd, maybe keep in adobe illustrator and seperate all the colors into layers.  Super fun.

This is a doodle that I captured on my phone - adobe capture - premade vector art.  Then I downloaded it into adobe draw.  Then I found the inner "doodle" made another layer of that, filled in the shapes with cool colots.  Maybe added another vector componenent.  Upload into adove illustrator, could change colors, could isolate colors.  Then I like to pull into photoshop as psd to maintain layer integrety and then had fun with gradients and textures. 



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