1. Making a good investment is hard. Sourcing financing for an asset purchase is hard. FunderCo solves both these problems by matching Funders with Asset sponsors.

2. FunderCo is a funding platform that focuses exclusively on assets (real estate, oil wells, etc.). The choicest assets have long had a high threshold to participate in and have not been available to most of the investing public. FunderCo harnesses social media and new legislation to bring alternative investing to the mass market.

3. $11.6 trillion is managed inefficiently by the mutual fund industrial complex. Private equity and hedge funds have crowded out the little guy from putting together investment pools. We're inspired by the investor who wants an investing future that isn't just an employer's 401 (K) and we are passionate about enabling the entrepreneurs trying to build the next great investment company.

4. * Malkin Securities
* Fidelity
* Vanguard
* Simon Property Group


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