Fundamentals of Free Writing: Opening the Floodgates to Your Creative Genius

Class Topic:

Free Write Fundamentals


Beat writer's block once and for all by developing a free writing practice to open the gates to your creative powers. In this class, I'll introduce the technique of Free Write, discuss the benefits, and provide tips and tricks for an excellent Free Write practice including an invitation to write outdoors. This course will be great for writers of poetry to writers of emails and everyone in between. Since most of us have to spend energy composing written work, this practice can benefit pretty much anyone. It is also an effective way of relieving anxiety and working through emotional blocks. Free Write does it all. After the info session we'll take a virtual field trip to the beach and do our Free Write exercise together.

Class Project:

10 min Free Write Exercise


Students will write for ten minutes on a blank (or lined) page without stopping. While the ocean footage plays, for approx. 10 min., try to fill the entire page with your thoughts, feelings, observations, any random ideas that come to mind. This exercise is not about intentionally writing something profound, it is simply to practice a technique for opening the creative channel, clearing out any clogs in the process. When the 10 minutes of rolling, undulating, and splashing ocean are over, take a picture of that filled-up page in your notebook and post it in the project section below. You may also type what you came up with during your Free Write exercise and post that. 

Outline: You can see the full outline of my class here.

Intro: Preview my Introduction video here.


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