Fundamentals of Free Write: Opening the Floodgates to Your Creative Genius

Now that I've published my first Skillshare class, Fundamentals of Free Write, it's time to market. I found this course super informative and was inspired to make this To Do List / Progress Report my notebook: 



As I optimize my class and spread awareness via social media, I can put a check in each little circle and feel proud of myself for a minute. I can also fill in the milestones as I gain more of a following and refer people I know. 

My class is about enhancing creative energy using the Free Write technique. In a nutshell, to Free Write is to write without judgement and without editing. It's an extremely therapeutic process and I recommend everyone - writer/artist or not - give it a try.

In the class, I talk briefly about my creative philosophy, what Free Write is and how to do it. Then, your moment of Zen.. We take a virtual field trip to the beach to put our practice into action. I filmed this part on the Mendocino Coast in California and included some really beautiful drone footage for your viewing and writing pleasure. If you're interested in checking it out, click here



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