Fundamental Learning

Fundamental Learning - student project

I have been interested in photography since childhood, but until two years ago, never thought I possessed any real talent with it. My favorite forms of photography are macro, art + science, and landscape. Two years ago, while working on a social post, someone showed interest in my photos, took notice of my passion for photography, and suggested I pursue it. I soon purchased my first DSLR, a Nikon D5300. Two days ago, I received a new Canon D6 and three lenses for my birthday. This class REALLY helped to outline several basics of photography for me that I never quite understood. Learning how to get vivid detail within macro is quite challenging. The first photo was made using the D6 and a Tamron 90MM DI 1:1 macro lens. I shot both indoor and outdoor, using either natural light or a ring flash. The second photo was made with the Nikon and a 60mm macro lens, 30 second exposure and a flashlight. The final photo was also made with the Nikon and 60mm macro, and a handheld flash. 

 Thank you to Justin, and I am looking forward to learning more and growing!




Fundamental Learning - image 1 - student project

Fundamental Learning - image 2 - student project



Fundamental Learning - image 3 - student project