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Functional oasis

I would like to create a bedroom that is functional and relaxing. Right now my full size bed is taking over my room and it's no space to get in now that I use a wheelchair. I would like a place to study and work on my photography. Right now I'm forced to do all work on the bed which is not always a great idea.

My current room dimensions:

Bedroom :10x12
Closet: 12x14

I have one medium size window in my room that let's in a good amount of light. I would like to focus on opening up that window to bring in more light this way I can cut back on the use of artificial light. I would also like to make use of wall space by adding storage.

I am unable to start with a white background because my father has already painted my room a nice cool green. I love this color and have no wish to change it. Therefore I will have to work around my wall color.

*Update* My top three room inspirations

I noticed each room has nice natural lighting, yellow accents and a bit of nature with the greenery and flowers. I also notice I have a like for gold accents as well. These rooms are spacious and airy which I love. I can start to feel really anxious and nervous in a room full of patterns and dark colors.

*Update* I wanted to play with colors and patterns for my room design. Taking colors and patterns I love and using them in my room decor such as; duvet, curtains, throw pillows and wall art. 

My three Top Color Palettes:


This look brings in the vintage and rustic feel that I am going for. Also the colors are relaxing and soft. I kept the decor to a minimum due to my small living space. I will be purchasing a daybed that will serve as a sofa and sleeping space. I would keep the linen a light color like the one pictured below:

For storage:


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