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Functional Eclectic...

About me and my space:

I'm a Californian English Teacher living in France. I consider thrifting a sport (one of the only ones I practice!). I like eclectic looks and I wish I had more pattern in my home (I've been hunting the thrift stores, but the pickings have been slim the past few years here). I enjoy DIY projects. My cat likes to destroy them. I love photography, and some of the art displayed is my own. I really would love your feedback!


My favorite changes were: dispersing my plants throughout my space rather than having them all in the window. I'm a little worried about the light situation for them, I hope this works out. I also really really love my paint job on the base of my coffee table and the books I found to put on top of it. AND I convinced my man to let me sell the black leather couches, which I've been trying to do since we moved in together -- a few years ago. The replacement couch is white, which will make the room lighter, and it's got a completely removable slipcover. WASHABLE!


Oh man, I feel so bad! I did restyle the bedroom a bit (changes to the pillows and I put things above the armoire that acts as a headboard to add texture-basket and botanicals-little avacado and spider plants) I'm worried the cat will knock over my plants. He likes to perch on top of the armoire! I FEEL BAD BECAUSE I was unable to get pictures done before I left for a 3 week trip home to see friends and family. And the sun. I cannot remember the last time I saw such a beautiful sky. I misss/love California so much. SORRY GUYS!

AFTER PHOTOS: LIVINGROOM (sofas, coffee table, bookshelves, desk, fireplace)

Coffee table:

I painted the base white...the bronze wasn't bright enough for me!

I found this book in my partner's things. He's a pilot!

Thank you for the reminder to bring in cut flowers as well as having potted plants!


I removed one of the armchairs (it's in the bedroom now...) and swapped the placement of the two sofas...

The only thing here is that the rug ended up covering the black's not on the floor anymore!

Black sofa gets a facelift

to make space on the bookshelf, I had to put my games for teaching in the fireplace!

My bookcase is supposed to be a garage storage shelf. I painted it gold last year...but the shelves are too big in all directions. I'd like to replace it, but in the meantime it brings the BLING

And my poster wall. I need to find a way to hide the cords under the desk.

My apartment is eclectic, but at the moment is not as functional as it could be. I feel like I try to overdo a lot of things and I am generally a clutter-lover, so my design clutter plus my work/various readings and notes clutter all melds together and ends up looking like a mess and not like a well put together room.

So to start off I'll just put a few of my favorite photos from places across the web these days:

I love maps and bright colors...but this is missing plants and shiny things...

I love color and contrast...but I'm missing pattern, and black feels to formal...(otherwise this photo is great, it covers the 8 principles!)

I wish I could convince myself to go so minimalist. That's never going to happen, but in the meantime, this room is good inspiration (I can't wait to one day be able to paint walls!)

I love this room. Modern/Vintage/GIANT/tiny the photograph makes the room look longer. I just wish there was more COLOR.

I struggle with shelves.

Before photos



Coffee Table

Desk / Console






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