Fun with watercolors

Fun with watercolors - student project

While I have the artist loft watercolors I chose to use my Dr. Ph. Martins Hydrus watercolors today since the artist loft ones are chalky. I will just use them for practice from now on since I have the others. I also plan on getting the Koi set from hobby lobby to try out. I have wanted to try them for a long time. I really had fun with this class today. I love my galaxy and my tulip. I am not sure about my blob flower it is growing on me though. I still want to try the wreath. I have been doing watercolor brush lettering for quite some time but really need to practice more on my blending I did finally do a swatch of my artist loft pallet. and my Hydrus colors so I know which ones I want to pick. The tonal swatch I made today will be a tremendous help in the future as well. I need to get a binder to put them in for easy reference.

So here are my photos


Fun with watercolors - image 1 - student project

blob flower and tulip before inking.

Fun with watercolors - image 2 - student project

blob flower and tulip after inking

Fun with watercolors - image 3 - student project


Fun with watercolors - image 4 - student project

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