Fun with Symmetry

Fun with Symmetry - student project

Hi there!


This process was so fun to watch and follow along!



Fun with Symmetry - image 1 - student project


Fun with Symmetry - image 2 - student project


Fun with Symmetry - image 3 - student project

Radial (this one is so addicting and relaxing). I didn´t know the Rotational Symmetry tool, thanks for the tip!

Fun with Symmetry - image 4 - student project


Reference and sketches. As the third one was finished I decided what I wanted to do...Fun with Symmetry - image 5 - student project

And here´s what I came up with. I can´t explain why I decided to mix sky and water elements like this or the not obvious color choices but I had fun and loved the unexpected result.Fun with Symmetry - image 6 - student project


Thank you so much for the class!

Renata Rocha
Wake up. Make art. Enjoy the day. Repeat