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Fun with Scrabble Cheater

Hi! everyone,

Earlier I was thinking that how would I do it?  But when Jessica uploaded videos for the project. It was not difficult at all. I could easily build my project.

I got problem while I was running it. What I did? From the terminal I moved to Desktop and the entered python prompt ">>>" by typing python command and started running >>>python . I got  File "<stdin>", line 1


SyntaxError: invalid syntax


then I googled for this error, I got to learn that I can use >>>execfile("") to run the code if I want to run it from the python interpreter running already. :) I could run my code during the initial steps of my program only using execfile() because I don't know yet, how to pass command line arguments using execfile() :(

but finally I preffered running the code by exiting python interpreter and running from the terminal like: [email protected]:~/Desktop$ python ABCDEF

I played Scrabble at www.hasbro/scrabble/en_US/ScrabbleGame.cfm which was a real fun and was not possible  to earn points without the scrabble cheater at hand. I could detect the words in seconds and earn points easily :)

this is a window with a scrabble above, it asks you to detect as many ords as you can and earn points. I could detect two words using my scrabble cheater for the given problem within 2-3 seconds, wow! :)  they are " TOASTER" and "ROTATES" as could be easily seen from the image below:

My window with the words submitted looked like :) as follows:

  I earned 28 points and enjoyed playing scrabble, I know cheating is not "good" but is fun ofcourse ;) 

To view my srabble cheater code click here. :)

Thank you very much! Jessica,

for giving me opportunity to learn python, that I enjoyed alot. I have completed the course on too :).


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