Fun with Paisley

Fun with Paisley - student project

I had a great time developing my first Paisley pattern. I drew two different complex pines in my sketchbook, and this design is the first of them I've colored and developed. I work in Photoshop rather than Illustrator, so I have to approach things somewhat differently. I also am primarily a Zentangle artist, so a little bit of Zentangle crept into the art inside this Paisley. I had a blast playing around with the color scheme, and this version on the black background is probably my favorite.

And in case anyone is examining it with eagle eyes, I did "cheat" a bit on creating my half-drop. I made the half-drop with the full Paisley, but I then made it into a basic repeat before adding the filler. (Sometimes, I just find it easier to double the size of the pattern and play with Photoshop's offset filter to find the empty spaces that need filling, even if it means I have to put some of the small motifs in twice and don't have them in a perfect repeat.)


Fun with Paisley - image 1 - student projectFun with Paisley - image 2 - student project