Fun with Florals Project

Fun with Florals Project - student project

This project aimed to apply the techniques in applying florals to one's work. It helped me a lot to give dynamic and color to my letters and words and will certainly develop it more through the days to come.


At first, I honestly didn't think I could do something like this but I trusted the process and went through with it. I used Gia's template 2 in making this. 


I sketched in the flowers and leaves I wanted to be on the lines and circles according to the template. I thought it would be fun to also add a rectangle in the middle where my name would be to add an effect like one of Gia's examples.Fun with Florals Project - image 1 - student project


I had every flower layers grouped together so I could easily move them in case I wanted them in a different place. This is much easier than scrolling through all your layer finding one layer with a petal you want to edit!


Coloring was the fun part. Since I don't have procreate, I used Clip Studio Paint for making this project on my laptop. After adding textures and finishing touches, I made a rectangle to cover the center part of the arrangement and added my name. To make the flowers pop from the background, I decided to add a dark grainy texture on it as well. 


And this is the final piece. I had another idea with changing my name into a quote but i'll just post it on my Instagram. I really had fun making this and I wanted to share it to everyone as well. I hope you like it!


Fun with Florals Project - image 2 - student project