Fun with Faces - Challenges

Fun with Faces - Challenges - student project

This has been a fun class with a lot of exploring. I started out with a style more similar to the tutorial in simplicity and modern feel.

Fun with Faces - Challenges - image 1 - student projectSomehow I just couldn't keep things simple though! I got carried away with the hair in the second one and added a bit more character to the angles of her face. This second one is my favorite right now for her funky beachy attitude.

Fun with Faces - Challenges - image 2 - student projectThen I did another of the #FunWithFaces IG challenge and I felt very off but just worked it to death. It is not my favorite and I would like to go back and work out the eyes and mouth better, but I was having a lot of fun playing with the patterns in her scarf and earrings. I hope as I continue to be able to better hone my color palettes. Charly's are so fresh and clean. I always fear I have overworked my things... and then I just keep going! haha...Fun with Faces - Challenges - image 3 - student project