Fun with Bouncy lettering

Fun with Bouncy lettering - student project


I took this class in continuation with the Brush Lettering Basics class.

Here's my poor attempt at Ombre Bouce lettering with ink and a brush following that class. I think I should also have considered that the paper was non absorbent, so the inks don't blend, but rather collect in layers when overdone.

Fun with Bouncy lettering - image 1 - student project

This is one of the practice spreads with the alphabet styles I did in my BuJo grid journal. I did struggle quite a bit with getting a smooth transition between thick and thin parts of the strokes. I probably should have attempted the same at a 4 grid scale instead of one grid scale. This is with the Tombow Fudenosuke soft tip-

Fun with Bouncy lettering - image 2 - student project

Here's what I did in the end with the black Tombow ABT pen. Smoothness is still a longshot, but I think I've had some progress.

Fun with Bouncy lettering - image 3 - student project

Thankyou for the class, Peggy.