Fun watercolor feathers

Fun watercolor feathers - student project

Fun watercolor feathers - image 1 - student project

Thanks to Viddhi's class I created a bunch of fun and colorful loose feathers! This was a great idea to try some new styles and techniques :D

I fell in love with adding lots white dots, it's such a small thing but makes a huge difference to the end result. And looks amazing on a dark background <3

I made my feathers in two color schemes - the violet ones are created with a little bit of salt, subtle white accents and golden dots (so hard to take a good picture with gold!);  the yellow set is simpler - created with bold colors, lots of white dots and some wet in wet contrasting dots. Both sets are finished with sketchy outlines.

I really like how it turned out! Viddhi, thank you (again!) for such an inspiring and fun watercolor class :)

Alicja Kowalewska
watercolors | lettering | graphic design