Fun stylizing

Fun stylizing - student project


Hello! Here is my project for this class, and the final illustration that I coloured digitally in a very basic way!

Fun stylizing - image 1 - student project


Drawing from memory was my first exercise. I found that the first try on the man was the real best, but for the woman I had to try many times before I was pleased.

Here the photo I chose


Fun stylizing - image 2 - student project

Here my iterations


Fun stylizing - image 3 - student project


Then drawing a page of action figures 


Fun stylizing - image 4 - student project

and my iteration

Fun stylizing - image 5 - student project


I enjoyed specially the shape exercise , and I decided to use a mug or cup as starting shape

Fun stylizing - image 6 - student project

and one more variation


Fun stylizing - image 7 - student project


And finally I tried the exageration exercise, and I used the  LAMP as the starting object to interact with my character.

Fun stylizing - image 8 - student project

 and a bit of digital colouring experimentation..

Fun stylizing - image 9 - student project

I still have to try the cutouts one, leaving it at last as my inner perfectionist says ahah.

I really enjoyed this class to free my hand a bit!

Thanks Tom!