Fun pattern for my sis

Fun pattern for my sis - student project

Fun pattern for my sis - image 1 - student projectI took Jonathan's story to heart about trying something I've been avoiding that I actually enjoy, so I wrestled with some unnecessary emotions and started painting again. Here's my work in progress.


Fun pattern for my sis - image 2 - student project

Update: First of all, I just wanted to thank everyone for their support, it was really fun receiving your lovely boops and beeps while my dad and I were visiting the canyons in Utah, I'd wake up or be sitting in the car stuffing my face with crackers and staring aimlessly outside while my brother blared ...just terrible music...and my phone would go off and set me right :D so thanks!


My sister makes her own soaps so I took a picture of the project and made some wraps for her soaps after working with a local print shop, the wrap prints were 40 cents each, so if you guys have similar packaging endeavors it's not very expensive if you keep a change jar, thank you so much for the positive encouragement!