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Fun handmade geometric patterns

Well, this was loads of fun! I love the idea of a quick and easy way to create patterns. I'm already thinking of doing this in Illustrator.

I created 5 blocks of different dimensions and used 3 of them. I had two handmade sketchbooks and wanted to give them new jackets. Both sketchbooks are A5 and the blocks I used are 9x9cm and 7x7cm, so since I printed 12 copies, I ran out of the smaller blocks but couldn't be bothered with printing more and cutting them (that's why I want to try Illustrator - it would save me the cutting part :) So I used 2 different small blocks on one sketchbook, and the 9x9 on the other. I just couldn't helo myself and keep the blocks simple, so I added some smaller details but I think they look not too bad. I like the first two photos best - that's the 2 small blocks on one sketchbook. I also love that the pencil marks are visible - gives it a truly handmade look.

Here are the project photos:





Thanks a lot, Amelie! Can't wait to start your other project with fabric inks.


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