Fun evergreens

Fun evergreens - student project

This was fuuuuun! Each style has its unique charm. Hard to choose a favorite one because they all have potential for different kinds of projects, but the one that made me more "woaaah" was the glazed tree. I love glazes even if I don't include them much in my projects. The figure 8 was satisfying because I love practicing that with my calligraphy drills. I made a super wet on wet and then a proper one but I realized I liked both, the super wet one makes me think of children's book illustrations.

Fun evergreens - image 1 - student project


So for my final card I decided to mix make a a tree with masking tape like on the glaze style but, instead I made a "gradient style!" tree with a color palette that I might be using more often... not xmassy colors but I love it and I think it worked quite well for this card. I chose a metallic pen for the figure 8 tree and added tiny details with coloured pencils because I want to use them more with my watercolors and to add a bit of contrast:


Fun evergreens - image 2 - student project


Thank you Jessica and Happy Holidays!!

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