Fun but challenging

Fun but challenging - student project

This was my second loose watercolour tutorial and although very fun, it certainly did challenge me in a good way - mainly due to trying to ensure I had the right amount of water and preventing the paint and water flowing where i didn't want it to.

I've not done the cherries yet, but I've uploaded my best two attempts from the class plus another one I did of a Blood Orange and me trying to apply the same technique. I did forget to put the highlights on though so I'll go back and do that at some point.

Painted on 25 percent cotton Fabriano cold press with St Petersburg watercolours. I'll definitely try these again but on 100 percent cotton paper when I feel a bit more confident.

Terrible photos, I know... but I'm travelling and painting in my van so not a lot of light!Fun but challenging - image 1 - student projectFun but challenging - image 2 - student projectFun but challenging - image 3 - student project

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