Fun With Shapes Project

Fun With Shapes Project - student project


I went back and used the same techniques with different types of ladybugs instead of food :D

Fun With Shapes Project - image 1 - student project


Great class! Even though I work primarily in Illustrator, I don't often make basic shapes or play around with the transform tools. I learned quite a few things I'd like to be more familiar with. 

Fun With Shapes Project - image 2 - student project

Initial sketches of a donut, waffle, grapefruit, and lollipop. 

Fun With Shapes Project - image 3 - student project

Color is always the hardest part for me, and I've only tried to figure out the live paint bucket tool a few times before now. I'm also still trying to figure out color combinations. I was worried about the lollipop, since it wasn't separated into different segments. I guess the live paint only detect where line segments intersect to make shapes?

Fun With Shapes Project - image 4 - student project
Everything turned out Okay! The waffle is a bit wonky, but, waffles are kinda wonky so I guess it works. I used the clipping technique like you did on the watermelon and it turned out better than I expected. 

I still definitely need to get the hang of the Live Paint Bucket tool. When I was doing the final touches, I couldn't figure how to get out of the paint bucket group when I wanted to change the colors or copy an object. That took me a minute. ...I don't remember how I did it. :) I'm definitely going to sit down and get to know that tool, because you moved super fast with it! 

Overall, this class has some really useful applications in it and I really enjoyed it! Thanks!

Holly Davis
Graphic Designer / Illustrator