Fun With Color

Fun With Color - student project

I've taken "Fun with Faces" class and realized I needed to work on my color selections more. I found this class very helpful to explore new color palettes.

I've started with this plant sketch and then turn it into a monochromatic illustration.

Fun With Color - image 1 - student projectFun With Color - image 2 - student projectI've used a purplish blue for my monochromatic illustration exercise. Then for the primary colors exercise I've created 5 different color palettes and choose the second one for my illustration. 

Fun With Color - image 3 - student projectFun With Color - image 4 - student projectThen for the complementary color exercise, I went back to the first plant design to play with colors.

Fun With Color - image 5 - student project

I've used green-purple and purple-yellow as complementary colors.

Then I did the color thumbnail exercise:

Fun With Color - image 6 - student project