Fun Foodie NYC Tours

Fun Foodie NYC Tours - student project

1. Describe your startup idea.

Historical NYC Walking Tours with Fun & Food Sprinkled on Top!

I'm interested in taking the stigma out of the wordd "foodie" while creating fun, seasonally-inspired walking tours that give you the history and culture of a particular area while enjoying some food samples from relevant vendors as we go.

2. Identify the biggest holes in your startup idea

My biggest challenges have been the following:

  • Not having a clear calendar of dates/booking system to accomodate public tours
  • Price point; keeping tours affordable while still maintaining a profit
  • Going into the winter season, how do I maintain interest for a walking tour.

3. MVP Solution

Getting my tour onto sites such, as Zerve and Viator, which have a significant customer base, and a great ticketing system that makes it clear to the buyer when the tours are available, and what the restrictions are. There's no upfront costs for signing up with them, so they only make money if I do, which means they have a significant interest in marketing my poduct, and I don't have to worry as much about the price as I did with other sites.

4. Create an Actionable Plan 

I have my webpage set up:

My next step is to have my Zerve site up and running my Wednesday.

Tomorrow I will walk the route for my Holiday Tour, to speak with the vendors and develop a relationship with them, then I will complete the planning phase of the tours. I'll also be able to get photos for my websites and to get my printed materials done by the end of the week at the very latest.

Once I've proven to the vendors that there's a draw for them to work with me, perhaps they'll come down on the price when I do my tours so that I can profit more from my tours without having to raise prices.

As soon as I feel comfortable with the holiday tour route, I can focus on the next tour that will be focused on how to keep people interested in my tours in the winter.

Current Tour:

Festive Holiday Food & Fun in Midtown

Future Tours:

Dumplings & Doughnuts (Year-round)

Greenwich Village Holistic Foods (Spring)

East Village Beer & Food Tour (Fall)

Prohibition Tour (Year-round?)