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Amarilys Henderson

Watercolor Illustrator, Design Thinker



Fun Family Posters [Teacher's Sample Project]


It all started with the lemonade poster. I was requested to do family-themed quote posters and had been mulling over quotes that weren't cheesy, done, trite, or *too* cliche. Google was no help. 

In comes the old "shower effect." (Any 30 Rock lovers out there?) While trying to soothe my mother-guilt-wounds with a shower, I thought of this quote, "We're not perfect. We are family!" Do I want perfection or family? Voila! First quote and onward! 

"We make a good blend" refers to our American-Puerto Rican-Chinese family. And to complete the set of four, I gave special attention to mom and dad. Mom's was cliche, but we still love to hear it. As I thought of what my husband loves to hear, it's that he knows everything. Of course, I couldn't put that down in good conscience--ha!--but thought adding the "almost" made it more fun.

And there's that key again: FUN. 




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