Fun & Fabulous Flamingo

Fun & Fabulous Flamingo - student project

I had a lot of fun with this class! Loose style isn't very easy for me, maybe because I'm not used to drawing so I feel more confident when I have a plan before painting... But Jessica makes it all so much fun and doable. 

I really enjoyed playing with textures in this one, how they contrasted with the softness.

My only difficulty was the eye. Don't know why. But I couldn't get the effect I was going for and overworked it a bit...

Overall, I'm very happy with my flamingo and I'm ready to incorporate this style to other paintings.

Bellow are some process pictures.


First wash

Fun & Fabulous Flamingo - image 1 - student project


Adding more color

Fun & Fabulous Flamingo - image 2 - student project



Fun & Fabulous Flamingo - image 3 - student project


More details

Fun & Fabulous Flamingo - image 4 - student project


Final painting

Fun & Fabulous Flamingo - image 5 - student project


Thank you for checking out my project.

Happy painting everyone! :)

Rafaela Loureiro
watercolor lover