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Fun! FUn! FUN!

Here's another "too much fun" class. 

I love these short, have fun, no pressure drawing classes.

This one gave me a delightful excuse to make faces at myself in the mirror and laugh. As some one who wants to draw but has neither natural talent nor lessons, it had never occurred to me to use the mirror to work on expressions. Thanks so much, Shen!

Here's my expression grid in two photos so it won't flip sideways.

Hope to have some time later today to start on my three-panel comic. 

Started sketching in the wee, small hours and it came together so quickly I finished my comic. I see my lack of talent in the product, but it was so much fun, I don't care. :)

This class gave me a great idea for the last panel in my next AnaBanana comic I'm working on for Sarah Anderson's webcomics class.

Here's my comic.


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