Fun Course, easy to follow!

Fun Course, easy to follow! - student project

Thank you Charlene!
I really enjoyed your course putting the paint on the canvas with knives - I also find it a good exercise to get looser and faster in the working process.

I used oil colours as I just love working with them... and still have the ones from my grand father at home. 
Although I will leave the painting for a while until I finalize it... always better to get some break between for a fresh look - right side is still so much wet (that is why it is bright even I took a dark color for the hairs) 

Reference was a photo I took from Unsplash 

Fun Course, easy to follow! - image 1 - student project

I still need some time to get comfy with the knives.... I love the sharp detail you did on the eyes of your cover, Charlene. Motivates me to experiment with more wild saturated colours with a more abstract expression for my next painting! 

Best, Julie 

Julie Boehm

Painter and Filmmaker