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Fun Circus Animal

I'm actually a frequent user of Illustrator, but I learned through youtube and web tutorials for some things I need. So this class is so helpful because now I don't have to draw everything with pen tool - because I always mess up curved lines. Now I know the use of combining different shapes, using shape builder tool (which is extremely helpful, because pathfinder can be difficult sometimes), and many more. I was taken aback when I found out the polygon tool can be used to make a perfect triangle! Why didn't I knew that before.. I used to make my own triangle with pen tool and grid.

My project is somewhat a challenge for me, because before I took this class I was always afraid of tracing different / difficult shapes with lots of details. So I'm trying to prove how helpful this class has been for me. It turns out I succeed in creating perfectly curved elephant - and I'm so happy! While working on this project, I keep using all the hotkeys to make myself used to it., which also saved me a lot of time. Thanks to Brad Woodward for this class, it's definitely worth my time :)

*Hopefully this project doesn't get into any copyright issues, since I think this is not an ad or anything public like that.


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