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Fun And Quick Malaysian Curry Chicken

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Fun And Quick Malaysian Curry Chicken

Craving for delicious curry chicken. Here is your chance to cook yourself a delicious Malaysian Curry Chicken. Have fun following simple and easy steps to cook this spicy and aromatic dish. Come join me in this cooking lesson. 

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What Is Your Favourite Curry Combo?

This Malaysian Curry Chicken contains two main ingredients- chicken and potatoes. You can substitute with other meat like mutton or beef and even fish. As for the vegetables - lady's fingers, brinjals, cabbages or even onions will do just fine. You may even have mixed vegetables curry if you are a vegan.

Tell me which combo you like. Share in in the class gallery.

Follow the simple and fun steps I have outlined and cook yourself a fine, aromatic curry combo of your choice. Feel free to post a picture here.


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