Fulton family crest

Fulton family crest - student project

My family (mainly just the immediate 5) are all Aussie, played hockey at various levels (state, national etc.) eat HUGE amounts of spaghetti and we are obsessed with our doggo Clancy, the chug. 

The laurels are stylised gum leaves to represent our Australian heritage and the shield features Clancy, a bowl of spaghetti and hockey sticks for obvious reasons. 

The colours are predominantly blue because everyone in our family has blue eyes and we all played for blue-based hockey teams. The gum leaves are a tone that is pretty close to the actual colour, with the purple/mauve stem also being 'realistic'. 

The banner says 'EIIP' because, somehow, we have all adopted saying EIIIPPPP as a greeting/to check if anyone is home. My sister and I used it as a call when we lived in the outback, we'd be able to hear it from miles away and respond, so now everyone uses it! 

Small development art board looked like this: 

Fulton family crest - image 1 - student project

Amelia Fulton
visual artist and marketing professional