Full project


This was my first time drawing any kind of flower and although i can find plenty of fault with the result at least I completed the exercise! I found it difficult to make out the details of the flowers.



I used a Tombow dual brush pen for this project. I did not have much experience with adding water so it didn't come out quite as I would have liked, but I enjoyed this project and it did not take me too long. I also noticed a big change in my mood, which had not been good before I started drawing and was better all day afterwards! 


As a beginner I found this project extremely difficult as I have never attempted to draw anything without looking. I have to admit that I peeked a couple of times as I would have found it impossible to draw the book from memory. I was a bit distracted as i was drawing so I messed up the book and the fruit plate did not come out as I would have liked, but it was interesting to try this and I thought my beginner's efforts might reassure others who also struggled with this one.


The word "full" made me think of a balloon, which led me to think of Jules Verne, and when I saw the images of balloons the netting reminded me of how certain fruits are packaged. The stripes on the balloon also reminded me of melon. I decided to combine an image of a melon with that of a balloon, since food is my favorite subject. I am not proud of the way the melon turned out, but thought it was more honest to post this effort than to start over. I am happy that I came up with a concept as this is the first time I have drawn something that I imagined and not just what I see. As my son (who is an artist) said: "it's the beginning of creativity". I used watercolor pencils and had trouble reproducing the color of the melon. 


This idea came to me after I watched an episode of the Street Food series on Netflix featuring an izakaya chef from Osaka. I wanted to illustrate a phrase that he repeated several times, one that has shaped his life choices. I drew it in my bullet journal using felt pens because one of the goals of taking this class was to make my bullet journal more visual. I was fairly happy with the result, but messed it up slightly at the end by trying to blend the two browns with a little water (I used Tombow dual brush pens). Luckily, I took a picture before it smudged too much. 


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