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Full Moon Appalachian Moonshine

Final Label



Sketches prepping for final computer production. 06/26/2017

Have Finally come back to finish this project. Kinda restarted this thing from the beginning and now here are a few sketches testing out different type for the brand name and then thumbnails to larger sized more detailed sketches.







More sketching: 07/05/2013

took a step back and began playing with more type driven layouts. 

but yeah if i could get some more feedback thatd be suuper helpful.



More Sketching: 06/24/2013

I took the Sketch a bit further with an actual label style in mind as you'll see below. still am trying to figure out the type style for the main part of the type. 



More Sketching: 06/18/2013

aight so i feel that i have narrowed down the design quite a bit with my latest sketch...but i'm not sure about the type being used, i feel like i need to possibly go into further exploration with that (for the Full Moon part of the title)

also, if anyone has any feedback about the ribbon usage at the bottom of the label and whether or not you think it fits please feel free to let me know.

so here it is to date what i have so far:


Sketches:  06/10/2013

below are three different ideas i have been playing with for the moonshine brand im doing. so i am making one up and naming it Full Moon appalachian moonshine. full moon because classically moonshine runs were done at night. Full moon more specifically becasue i figured it wasnt normal people that generally were making the moonshine. so below are three ideas i ahve been playing with as of yet.

the third one is hand drawn script with a moon smoking a cigar under it...

the second one is a basic hand drawn script label...still pretty loose in design (getting to it when i have time)

the third one is of a wolf howling with the full moon shining behind him.

again these are jsut very loose sketches i have done but i would really really like some feedback on this if anyone has a chance...THanks!



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these are some of the labels/packaging that i found to be fitting and inspiring in some way for the type of label i want to come up with.

i want to do a moonshine label because i feel its a different kind of alcohol label/packaging that rarely gets done. also, it fits the roots of my dads side of the family who are from virginia. 

if anyone has feedback on this dont hesitate to tell me...thanks!


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