Fuji Declaration Makeover

Fuji Declaration Makeover - student project

So, I will admit that I got about half way through the first drawing part before I hit pause and went and did the whole thing... (After John's other classes on the Pen Tool and Pathfinder Tool) So there are parts I could definitely have done better, but enjoyed trying to solve those problems myself anyways. 

Here is the original photo of my bike. She is a little sad at the moment with both tyres punctured *sigh* and is in need of some TLC. 

Fuji Declaration Makeover - image 1 - student project

So I used this as an opportunity to design a prototype for all the custom work I have wanted to do on it for a while! I left little things like the brakes off the image because I thought it looked a little cleaner. 

Super happy with how this turned out, I love the simplicity it gives the bike - much better than its current state.

Cheers for the great classes, John!