Jeanne Bosko

Textile and Surface Pattern Design



Fuchsia Flowers

Started with sketch outline scanned into PS CS5.  Cleaned up line work in PS.  Changed the black outline to pink using the "color" blend mode instruction from class.  Had not done this before!

Added layers to the sketch for each color and painted in "multiply." 

Added another layer of each color to over-paint in "multiply" mode which seemed to work best for this sketch to create the shading.

Merged the white background with the sketch line-work & solid color layer in "color" blend more to create one layer.  Then turned that into a BG layer with Layer/New/Background from Layer

Added a new layer above the BG and created the "wash" BG using several colors to create the effect.  Had fun with that!

Here's where  I ran into a little roadblock........when I picked one of the color layers to now remove that BG wash from the petals/leaves using the fx /blendmode/deep,  it knocked out my line work too!

So somewhere I must have missed a step. (:

I just went back and erased any of the BG wash that was on top of the design as it wasn't too difficult with this particular image.  In fact I left a little in because it created a nice effect!

All in all it was another great "Photoshop for Lunch" exercise.  Thank you Helen!




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