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William Muniz

FuShark Digital Artist



FuShark Designs

My first concept is based on an idea I had already painted years ago in college. I've always been a big time fan of Gillman from the Creature of the Black Lagoon and his eternal quest for a dame that can put up with his moisture issue. So The idea was to give him the appeal of Ol' Blue eyes himself Frank Sinatra. What better way to attract the ladies for spawning than crooning at the top of your gills? The result is the painting in the middle.

So I dedided to revisit the idea but in hopes of creating a vinyl figure design. Instead of taking the hyper real route this time I thought of giving it that old school 1930's flair to really get this ghoul swingin. (I'm aware that the Disney images aren't from the 1930's, I just liked the modernization of it) I feel like the cartoonish proportions will make it much more entertaining to look at overall while still keeping Gillman's obvious gruesomeness.

Concept 2 is based on Barajas Españolas or Spanish playing cards. Each suit represents a social class so I thought it would be interesting creating modern day represantaions of those social classes. I want to play with a graffiti-ish cartoon style presenting all of these in a comical but farout way. Giving a surreal touch from Dali's beautiful mustache. The military is represented by a child soldier, the merchants will be represented by a greedy polotician, the church will be represented by Pope Francis and the peasants will be represented by an ignorant person.(She was the dumbest person I could come up with right now, her selection has nothing to do with her well endowed chest; fake or not). I envisioned the peasant being an ignorant fool being coerced by mass media. 


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