Fruits of my Labor!

Fruits of my Labor! - student project

So, I did the drawing and then I did the painting exercise.  I really don't know if I succeeded or not.  I think I just went back and forth between loose and tight on the painting. And I know you said you need to start loose and stay loose... so I might have undone some of the looseness I achieved. I didn't really get to that gestural part where the fruit was understood by fewer strokes. So, I guess I need to practice.  I do want to practice on more interesting subjects too. Maybe just take a pencil and sketchpad to a dance or public place and grab a scene before it changes. That will encourage me to work fast. I feel like if I have the time to overwork something and keep perfecting it I'll just make it all tight and lose the expression. 

Here are a couple questions... 1. How do you keep it loose? 2. How do you know you should stop... or be done?

Fruits of my Labor! - image 1 - student project

Nicole Roberts
Illustrator/Designer/Art Director