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Trijnie Nanninga

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Fruitbats and Moths


The Moths had to be cleaned up as well as the Fruity animals. It took a while..


After that: Experiments!


It's so much fun to see your pattern actualy work!



I wasn't completely satisfied with the backgroundcolour and the composition though, so I went for a green shade that is in the drawings. Looks good for now!


Time to look after the fruity animals. First, I tried another backgroundcolour.



Then I changed the composition, leaving out most of the motifs. It looks a bit more balanced this way.


The pattern of the blueberrybat!

There are still so many possibilities that I fear I'll never get to sleep :)

It's been fun and educational. I'll stick with those two patterns for now and call it a day.


After patiently erasing all the tiny white bits in the outline of the motifs, building the pattern was the rewarding fun part!








Both projects have been vectorized. Screenshots!



I work with older versions of Photoshop and Illustrator, Mostly this works fine. However, I could not find the action preset "Delete white BG" in this version.

Instead I just selected all whites and deleted them manually. That seemed to work fine as well.

After vectorizing in Illustrator I found that there is still a lot of teensy offensive white bits in the outline. Not visible against a light background, but very annoying against a dark background, as you can see.


I tried taking them out using the ctrl+R shortcut (Which is a VERY useful tip by the way!) But it takes forever and it also deletes the tiny pieces of whiter shades in the illustration that I do want to keep. I could paint those back in but they're so tiny!

I was thinking that maybe another tracing preset might be helpful, like the 16 colours preset. But that off course takes away the finer nuances..

Any advice on how to tackle this problem or do I just have to be more patient?


When I uploaded the fruity animals another idea came to mind which has to do with the upcoming Valentines Day. Although It may not look like it. But hear me out!

You know how love gives you butterflies in the stomach? But what if it's not butterflies but fat, partying moths? And you tell them to keep it down a little because the dancing and bouncing is kind of making you sick, but they respond by partying even harder!

These are special partymoths: straight from the dia de los muertos. They party like there is no tommorrow and are dressed for the occasion. I've made some decorative ornaments to build the pattern with.





First, a list of things I like. It includes animals and fruits.

Also Pirates, but I didn't get around to draw those. Yet.

Then the drawing ans the couloured drawing. As we were restricted to three colours, I've given the animals colours I wouldn't have given them in the first place, which makes them very fruity as well!



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