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Fruit, skeletons and barbed wire


Thank you for teaching this class! It was a lot of fun. Here are my projects. :)

For the first project I took lots of pictures of buildings but I ended up using this picture of a barbed wire fence. I used changed the color in VSCO cam and added an Instagram filter, then opened it up in Photoshop Touch.


I finally ended up with this mirror image picture. It's a little abstract, but I thought it was pretty.

For the second project, I took a picture of this plastic fruit hanging thing I had in my kitchen. I edited the colors in VSCO Cam and then uploaded the image into Photoshop Touch. I ended up with the "mandala" on the bottom.



I was happy with the color, but I wanted to try out the color balance stuff that you talked about in your video, so I tried it out with this halloween selfie.


Finally, I tried out the big sky project. Here's the original & what I did. I want to keep working on this one. I need a better picture of clouds to layer over the original.


Thanks again! It was fun working on this and inspiring to see all the projects that everyone is posting.



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