Fruit of Loneliness

Fruit of Loneliness - student project

my realization of Kyle's assignment (compose a song starting w/ "I am not afraid to be alone any more"

How can I upload a .wav file?


Here are the lyrics:

I am not afraid to be alone any more

That's how you get when you're on your feet

Emptiness let me find my center

You have most to give when you're complete.

   No one there to blind you,

   Could there be a better place to start?

Oh my blessed loss, without you

Don't know where would I be?

You gave me the time then

For the fruit to ripen,

Fruit of loneliness that is so sweet.


Now this empty room is a true friend to me.

It is my base and my power spot,

Crystall ball and my fishing hole.

Here I rage and here I talk with God.


Oh my blessed loss...


With or without, gonna play my part

And anyway, I will see the way.

I have my own light, gonna let it shine,

Gonna let it guide my way.

Oh my blessed loss...