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Fruit Study

I came into this project wanting to learn a few things specifically compared to the brief offered for the class project. While watching the videos done by Yuko I came to realize that my previous style was very rigid and not a lot of line quality and variation.


So with that in mind, while working on this project I used no under drawing, I went straight into creating without having created a pencil rough. As well as thicker lines and thiner lines, as well as mistakes, I incorperated all the mistakes I created during the process into the final piece. A lof the texture is created seperately then added in in photoshop.




Once I was done creating all the drawings, a lot (especially) the blueberries became a more of a gesture exploration I brought them into photoshop and manipulated the colour and hand made textures to create my unique style.



And now the final version, much inspired by Yuko Shimzu's wonderful skillshare class. Looser, more gestural, wonderful textures and colourful inspiration!


Thank you!!


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