Fruit Shapes Exploration

Fruit Shapes Exploration - student project

Overall, really enjoyed this basic class. It got me into my sketchbook and was simple enough that I could get out of my own head and just experiment.

Gouache progression:

Fruit Shapes Exploration - image 1 - student project

Wet on wet peaches

Fruit Shapes Exploration - image 2 - student project

Wet on dry strawberries

Fruit Shapes Exploration - image 3 - student project

Line work pears (aded in some speckles for character - the one on the right I used some masking fluid to keep the speckles off of the surrounding area). Between the two, I prefer the looser, messier one on  the left.

Fruit Shapes Exploration - image 4 - student project

Still life with flower in vase, lime, tangelo, apple, and blueberries.

I like that I tried a bit of visual layering here, but the color mix and style is not my favorite. I prefer a simpler drawing style. So I tried again...

Fruit Shapes Exploration - image 5 - student project

Here I used a mix of filled and outlined shapes to represent three tangelos, two limes, and some blueberries. I still layered these a bit but I'm liking the simplicity here more than the previous still life attempt.

I decided to take it a step further and draw a market bag around the fruit using a sharpie in tracing paper.

I scanned both into Photoshop, did a little cleanup and a quick color change. Here is the final result:

Fruit Shapes Exploration - image 6 - student project

I like the style and character of this piece best. Overall, I learned that I prefer a simple style, a limited color palette, and a mix of line work styles.

Great class. Thanks Leah!

Kayla King
Abstract artist + secret illustrator