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Fruit Bat

Giving this 30 Day Logo Challenge a shot! 

Here is my animal mark of a Fruit Bat. They've always been my favorite animals (I think this dates back to reading Stellaluna or possibly just how many trips I took to the bat house in the zoo) Right away I knew I wanted to have the bat hanging as opposed to with outstreched wingspan.  Mostly because I think thats one of the things that makes bats most interesting but also I wanted to avoid it coming out too much like a batman logo :)

I'll try and add my sketches later on (they mostly were done on various post it notes while at work).

Here are some reference images I used:


My Mark:




Feedback is appreciated. I haven't really used illustrator in awhile so I'm definitely still getting into the swing of things. Revisions are sure to come. 

This was a great class! Thanks so much to the Instructor, hopefully I'll get around to doing the Letter Mark as well in the future.


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